Friday, September 23, 2011

Main entrance at library to reopen on Oct. 3

Weather permitting, the main entrance nearest the Finger Lakes Community College library will reopen on Monday, Oct. 3, following extensive sidewalk replacement.
Students and visitors arriving at the front of the building from the A lot should follow signs to the new sidewalk leading to the library entrance. The doorway nearest the Campus Safety Offices will revert back to an emergency exit only.
The temporary exit at the end of the A wing will remain open until sidewalk work on the west side of the building is complete. Pedestrians walking from the G lot should watch for changes in walkways and follow construction fencing.
In the meantime, work has begun to build the sidewalk that will lead to the Student Center entrance, which will serve as the main lobby for the College when the building opens in 2012. A radiant heating system will be installed under this sidewalk to melt snow and ice.

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