Friday, February 18, 2011

Campus Safety takes action on tip

Quick action and a cooperative investigation by Campus Safety with local authorities led to the arrest of a man who allegedly brought a handgun onto campus on Thursday, Feb. 17.

Campus Safety received a tip that a man who takes an evening class in the FLCC building through another college’s program was in possession of a handgun.
Campus Safety officers and Ontario County sheriff’s deputies were on the FLCC main campus when the student arrived and approached him in the parking lot.  Sheriff’s deputies found a handgun in the trunk of his car. Although the gun was legally registered, the man was arrested for alleged criminal possession of a weapon for bringing it onto campus. (State law prohibits firearms on any school or college grounds.)

Campus Safety is not aware of any criminal intent on the part of the man but took action to safeguard students, staff and the general public.

The situation is now in the hands of the Hopewell Town Court, which handles misdemeanor offenses that take place on the main campus. Because the man was not an FLCC student, the other college will review the incident within its own policies and procedures.

The individual who has been charged is now designated as a “persona non grata” by FLCC officials and will no longer have access to FLCC campus facilities.

For more information on FLCC Campus Safety or contact information for Campus Safety, click here.

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